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We Manufacture all our products .



Leading The Way in Led 


The New Tech 2   Led Head.

The New Tech 2 Head is very Bright.

Works on 6.5 volt  to 26 volt Lights.


 At full brightness it will produce approx. 1400 Lumens.

This is the same housing as the Tech 1.

It has no controls on the head itself , you

control the brightness with the switch on your 

battery box. If you have a light with a Led

switch it will most likely work or if you have had the 

dual switch installed , it will work. The 5100 head

switch will not dim it down enough to use it.


 You must have a New  Switch installed in your 

Light to be able to use the TECH 2 Head.

The Tech 2 Head with switch installed in your 

Light and return shipping in USA = $ 200.00

      80,000 hour Bulb Life 

1 year warranty ( To Original Customer )


We also have popcovers available in Amber .


5100 Heads with Blue Lens

$ 40.00


Blue H7616 Spot Bulbs

$ 20.00





Mini 21+ Led

                 Mini 21 Box with Tech 1 $ 199.95                         Mini 21 $ 250                                     

Mini 21+ Led Package

Comes with 21 v Power Pack ,Tim's Tech 1 Led Head

5 pos. switch , Smart Charger <, Super Bright Led Walk-lite  Belt & Bump Cap.

 2 year warranty

Note: this is same size box as the Super 8 , 10 & 12 

$ 195.00

We manufacture hunting clothes such as :Briarproof bibs ,Briarproof coats ,skeeter shirts , camo shirts ,nylon vest , Brush pants, gear bags , game bags , saddle bags , dog collars , nameplates , tree leads , chaps & etc.

Custom Embroidery Available

We offer  Lacrosse  Boots  with Tim's Chaps sewn on and sealed as waterproof as possible.

 * Tim's Hunting Lights *  Belt or Box lights * custom made and embroidery cases* 

* Lights can be made for left or right handed persons *

* Note we are extremely busy at this time in the Clothing Line and Boots with Chaps , so expect to have a delay in your order if you are ordering clothing or Boots w/chaps we are sewing on chaps daily and sending orders out on a daily basis. The wait time depends on what you are ordering and the size. Custom sizes have a longer wait time. Please get your measurements correct when placing a order .So if you think you are going to need clothing or boots place your order in advance.*

*Note custom made orders or out of stock orders allow 14 days for shipping . Custom Orders are Non-Refundable they may be exchanged at your expense , so know your correct size when you order, if you need help with measuring ,contact us and we will gladly instruct you with the measurements. Any orders cancelled or returned there will be a 25% restocking fee accessed. Special orders are non-refundable. All prices subject to change without notice. Sincerely 


   Tim's Hunting Light Manufacturing & Supply.

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Our Mission is to provide our customer with the most up - to - date products at the most economical price.

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